Thursday, October 6, 2011

A New and Continuing Feature....

HelloHello! Today is the first of a new type of article that I'll repeat on various topics and occasions: Don't Wear That - Wear This!

With the coming Fall/Winter chill in many parts of this USA and the world, hats will be showing up on our heads. But what hat is right for you; for your age, for your style, for your needs? The warmest hat is not always the right hat for you. Let me show you:

                                                                      Don't Wear That Hat!
That's a warm hat! And it will certainly look cute on the 8 to 18 year olds that it is aimed towards. Oh, and the Spin Doctors (a music group from the early 2000's). Now, here's a warm hat for us:

                                                                 Do Wear This Hat!
A classic Tam o'Shanter, or Tam looks nice on a woman of any age. Because the styling is classic.  That's what it means....goes with anything/anybody. Now let's try a few more; what is a good casual hat for we women of a certain age?

                                                              Don't Wear That Hat!
Wow, she looks cute! But included in her cute look is the absence of a sagging jawline and thinning hair. C'mon, put one on and look in the mirror...really look. Not so cute. But what about this one?

                                                                   Wear This Hat!
Note how nice the hat looks on different aged gals. A fun not-overly floppy hat is the right hat for us!

Here are some other hats in the usual department store....
  Bucket hat; yep, looks like a bucket on her head!
I call this one the Dynasty Dowager look!
              Pseudo western caballero hat. Too many words in the description to wear it!
                                    Newsboy cap, or newsgirl. I haven't been "news" for awhile.
One more hat in our exploration of appropriate headgear; the on trend hat. What does that mean? Well, everything in the world of fashion has it's moment in the spotlight, or is currently on trend. Hats are no exception.

What's on trend in hats this Fall are Fedoras, that masculine topper that ladies adopted sometime around the Annie Hall movie debut (1977). Coincidentally, the "Annie Hall Look", or a masculine tempered with feminine look is back again. It never really goes out of style in my opinion, and is quite suitable for women like us (recall the lovely Katherine Hepburn).

Back to the Fedora:

               Wear This Hat!

This young gal can sport her fedora with a lacy dress/denim jacket combo but we'd be better off pairing it with a classic trench or a new-again poncho/ruana/cape. Making stylish choices in clothing and accessories is easy to do once you know the formula: classic equals classy.

Keep it classy, ladies! XO

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