Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Shopping My Closet

Since I no longer work in the public sector, I don't have a lot of disposable cash for my fashion lust. I adore going to the thrift stores and searching out great items for my wardrobe, but shopping in my own closet is really the cheapest way to go!

I know you're supposed to go through your wardrobe every season, but that's BS! Who's got time (or energy) for that? I generally do it SpringSummer/FallWinter. Because let's face it ladies, where in the world do they have four seasons anymore anyway? Not in my neck of the woods, fer sher....

Anywho, I did this last week after shopping the thrift store with my also-thrifty sister Mari. We had a ton of fun and both got some excellent bargains. Of course I looked at several 5-lb. "Fall Fashion" magazines in the weeks before so I could get a handle on the upcoming trends. I do love to be 'in fashion'.

Closet organizer experts recommend that you use all the same hangers for everything in your closet for a uniform look; I say NAY. Where would I hang my slacks or skirts? Just silly, but I like the idea of having everything blending together, so I usually sort items by what it is (say, pants) and color.

Some of the treats I found when I tore out everything: a pink knit circle skirt - below the knee length and of-the-moment, 5 pairs of black pants (didn't know I had any), four hip-length blazers of different shades which happen to look great with my jeans....

I spent a few hours washing/ironing/matching things up and I feel like I just went on a shopping spree! Whee! It was so heady that I even put together some outfits to share here:
Velvet & Brocade

Dressed Up Denim
LBD Re-Styled

Autumn Hues
Western Influence

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