Monday, October 31, 2011

Working Overtime

The fashion articles I enjoy the most are the ones that talk about a piece of clothing that "multi-tasks". I love this concept because when you buy something that you really, really love to wear, you want to wear it often to recapture that good feeling you get every time you have it on. Also, it makes sense financially to purchase pieces that can be used in many outfits, thus reducing the 'cost-per-wear' of expensive items.

One of my current favorite multi-taskers is a black long sleeved semi-sheer T, originally purchased to go under an elbow length grey sweater with stunning faux leather patches on the shoulders. The sweater is medium heavy in weight and the idea of wearing it without an underpinning seems "undone" to me. I absolutely avoid turtlenecks (a personal fetish), but that would have been a likely substitute as well.

But this lacy T has improved the look and extended the wear of summer thin v-neck shirts and looks awesome under a partially unbuttoned denim shirt as well. And wonder of wonders, the grey and black knit dress with the cap sleeves is also benefiting from this light but sexy underlayer.
That's a lot of  use for a shirt I got for only $7.99 at Marshalls. The thing is, I also have one in cream that I bought specifically to wear under a sleeveless tunic with  cream lace at the shoulders. It blends together and makes the tunic cool weather appropriate. But now that my black T is becoming so useful, I'll have to try the cream one with some of my other blouses and/or sweaters.  (Hint: this is like shopping your own, refer back to post titled Shopping My Closet to see how it looks under the LBD.)

I can only think of one other item in my wardrobe that is as useful as these two tops other than my trusty favorite pashmina scarf/shawl. I first saw one years ago on my sister Mari while she was still living in Indiana. It is a green print (green is my fave color) and it seemed to not only suit her personality, but also her wardrobe. Despite being a print, she wore it with other prints and it just seemed, well, right.

I bought my first one 3 years ago and I have to say, it was an excellent choice. (See photo.) As well as being my very favorite print - paisley - the coloring goes with just about everything I own. And it looks right with so many outfits. As a final flourish (infinity scarf over a T or jacket) or as an additional layer of warmth (think tossed around your shoulders on a chilly September evening), this pashmina elevates an outfit from good enough to great. And I always always get compliments when I wear it.

I actually own 5 pashminas now but I've only photographed the favorite for this post. Far from being an 'old lady' accoutrement, it is a timely and stylish addition to the wardrobe of any woman of any age. I have a lovely bright yellow one that my daughter Amanda brought back from NYC for me last year, and my step-daughter Kate gave me a gorgeous kelly green one for Christmas a few years ago. The other two are a blue/green/teal combo in paisley (yay!) and another tan based one with autumnal accent colors. Love them all.

Do you have a wardrobe workhorse? 
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